Blueberry Hill Cakes

I recently went to a friend’s (amazing) hen party in Brighton and was lucky enough to meet loads of awesome and interesting people. One of those awesome people was Rachel, who told me she’d recently gone self-employed with her friend Ella, running a cake-making business called Blueberry Hill Cakes, catering for parties and weddings.

We got chatting about this further, as this is the kind of thing I had at my wedding, and when the topic of my blog came up in conversation she asked if I’d like to review some of their cakes. Of course I jumped at the chance (who am I to turn down cakes?), so in the post arrived a little gingerbread family, in very stylish attire and with some choice eyewear:

Gingerbread people courtesy of Blueberry Hill Cakes

Not only did they look cute but they tasted amazing; I love my gingerbread men a bit chewy and not too biscuity, and these were just that. They were almost cakey and were really fiery with ginger, so delicious! Once I’d taken the photos, I was sat munching on one (the dad), when my husband came home and bit his leg off; fortunately the amputation was not in vain as he enjoyed it so much he proceeded to eat one all to himself. This can only mean that they were very tasty!

Rachel and Ella can cater for any event, whether it’s a party, wedding or any special occasion in London and beyond. I also happen to know that they have a sizeable stock of great prosecco, what more could you want?!