Monthly food roundup: June

Oops, I didn’t quite manage to squeeze this into June. But nonetheless, here are some things I’ve been loving over the last month.

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1) My incredibly talented friend Hannah wrote this great article on Nigella Lawson and her views on feminism and baking. The article discusses how baking has been seen traditionally as a female pasttime, and that should not make it a less worthwhile branch of cookery, though it seems to be less valued than restaurant food and haute cuisine which is typically male-dominated. Well worth a read!

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2) Hayley from Ceriselle tweeted about these amazing meatball tongs, and now they’re top of my list of things to buy! No more gooey hands!

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3) I was told about the incredible ice cream ball by a colleague and WOW, I want one! Not only does it make ice cream, but it does so using exciting SCIENCE like thermodynamics. A total winner in my book. Perfect for people with dogs – dog gets exercise, you get ice cream!

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4) I know this is only loosely food-related, but still worth a mention. I’ve booked tickets to Potter Pandemonium at the Electric Cinema in Birmingham, to see Parts 1 and 2 of the Deathly Hallows on the night of release, and the cinema will be selling themed cakes and drinks, including Butterbeer! I’m not sure what exactly it will taste like or be made of, but it’s certainly intriguing! As for the cakes, I don’t know what to expect; Hagrid’s rock cakes perhaps? Although from the way they’re described in the books I hope they’re not that similar!


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