Monthly food roundup: May

I thought I’d start doing a little roundup of food-related articles/products/blog posts/eateries that have caught my eye over the last month. Here goes.

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1) I’m desperate to try the homemade Limoncello on Crumbs for Dinner. I really love Limoncello, and have recently been getting urges to make Nigella’s Lemon and raspberry trifle (although not until I’ve found the perfect trifle dish, still an ongoing quest), so I figure that homemade Limoncello is going to provide the best flavour. And like Grania says on her blog, it will make a great gift come Christmas! It will also be amazing mixed up into cocktails for barbecue season, should the sunshine ever return.

Image source

2) Huffkins is a small chain of bakeries and cafes across the Cotswolds (and in Japan!) with the best scones around. They’re warmed through before being served with loads of jam and clotted cream, and they’re light as a feather. That said, everything I’ve ever eaten there has been nothing short of wonderful. If you ever find yourself in Stow-on-the-Wold, Burford or Witney then I would highly recommend a visit. I frequent the one at Stow more than I care to think about; good news then that apparently they’re launching a loyalty card this month!

Image source

3) The strawberry and black pepper jam on Little Red Courgette seems like the perfect way to make use of the glut of strawberries it looks like I’m going to have this year (that is if I don’t just eat them all whilst I’m out in the garden..oops).

Image source

4) This article by Jay Rayner on The Guardian website following the warning from the World Cancer Research Fund about eating red and processed meat is brilliant and fully articulates everything I would say on the matter!


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