Hello and welcome to my new food blog, What Charlotte Eats.

In a bid to spare the good people of twitter and my friends and family from too many food-related ramblings, I shall be documenting what I cook and eat here. The blog will most likely be a mix of recipes, my thoughts on different products or gadgets and probably a little insight into the annual changes in my kitchen garden.

When I read cookery books, rather than just have instructions barked at you for recipes, I like to feel that the author is standing next to me in the kitchen as I read, telling me how to do things and what to expect, rather than a list of commands with no idea whether what you’re doing it right or wrong. So this is how I, too, will write up recipes, with my thoughts and observations along the way. It may seem like endless text on the page, but it will help, I promise!

I also can’t promise that my food photography will be fantastic (why is it so hard to photograph food?!), but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?!



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